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…about my coverage of both fiction and non-fiction in the fields of: art, construction, education, law, social justice, sports, and web development.

Thank you for your help editing my first book, Seniorology. I was impressed with how quickly you got it done, and what your changes did for my book. Everyone in my author group agreed it was much easier to read.

David C. DuPont

Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece about Make Music Upper Perk. I have already heard from several people, all with positive comments, about the article.

Cathy Sweeny
curator @

Thanks, this is just FANTASTIC!!! The articles are beautifully and engagingly written. They’re among the best badminton profiles I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot! Well done indeed.

Diane Cornell

Editing makes your message clear.

When you’ve been staring at the cursor long enough, your writing seems perfect. But spell check doesn’t catch every mishap. Worse yet, what sounds good in your head doesn’t always translate to smooth readability. That’s where I can help. I edit for grammar, punctuation, clarity and voice.  Plus, as an experienced writer, I provide actionable comments that help to improve your copy.

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Words Matter

Do you get turned off by well-respected experts who cannot translate what they do into basic terms that the rest of us can understand? Whether you’re a restaurateur, an accountant or an auto mechanic, running your business requires many skills including expertise in your field. Even if you are a skilled writer, you may lack the time to maintain your website’s content.

Your potential customers get their first impression about you and your business from what they read on your website. This can mean the difference between selling your product or service and losing out on that opportunity. 

Why take that chance? 

I’ve seen far too many small business owners spend thousands for a professionally built website only to add the task of maintaining its contents to an employee or well-meaning friend who lacks the skill set or time to devote to it. The leading search engines prioritize sites which provide frequent, relevant, original material in healthy doses. When a potential customer searches for your business, you want them to find you first. That’s why it’s so important not to overlook this crucial piece of marketing.

Hire a professional writer so you can focus on what you do best.

Icebreakers 1: Lockjaw: 0

Writers, even shy ones, occasionally have to interview people in order to get information that they cannot get through any other research avenue. Interviewing a stranger can be easy if[…]

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How To Prepare to Interview the Subject of your next Feature

What can you do to prepare to interview someone about whom you know little or nothing when you are given a feature writing opportunity? Read a minimum of three pieces that about the[…]

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Bleeding from the Eyes and the Necessity of Regrouping

After four weeks of scouring the interweb for new ideas and ways to make this site one you’ll want to keep coming back to, I think I’m officially bleeding from[…]

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Blessed with opportunities to interview and feature many of the small business owners and CEOs who are experts in their field, I dig deep in the  research to find the stories that keep readers engaged. Together we’ll choose what appeals best to your intended audience.

Kimberly’s article is the BEST article I’ve EVER read that’s been written about SOP (Street Outreach Programs). It’s so sensitive and gets to the real point of what SOP’s do and how amazing the staff are that do the work.

Bob Robertson
Former Exec Director valley youth house, Adjunct Lecturer DeSales University

Kimberly helped our law firm write for my websites, and helped us edit and finish my published books. I highly recommend her as a writer, editor, or project manager.

Michael L. Saile, Jr., Esq.
Attorney, Cordisco & Saile LLP