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Physical Therapy for Your Website

July 12, 2017 Writing 0

As a captive audience working out at my physical therapist’s, I watched as an outdated slide show played on the flat screen. It’s on a loop, so in the hour I was there it played through several times.

It showcases the employees of the therapy center’s multiple locations. Each slide contains a headshot above the employee’s name, the site where they work and basic biographical info including: alma mater, degrees or certifications and personal tidbits like: “His favorite movie is A Few Good Men.

Photo: Tidewater Community College

Right away I noticed that the slide of my former therapist indicates that she works at my location though she had permanently moved to another several weeks earlier. I commented to the new doc saying, “They still show Julie working here. They’ll have to update that.”

He replied, “Yeah, most of them are wrong. I think it’s low on the priority list.”

This situation illustrates exactly what happens to the websites and social media pages of so many small businesses. Everyday I see owners who have made planning a website a high priority and they’ve spent thousands of dollars for a professional build to market themselves yet they exert minimal effort to maintenance, assigning it as a low priority.

Think about your reaction when you go to a site and find outdated information and photos that are months, seasons or years old (not counting company history.)

Does your content accurately reflect your company and the people who make it successful today? Will it remain relevant in the future?

Anticipate the future and get your site back on track now.