Need an Editor: When Writing is Good Enough

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Need an Editor: When Writing is Good Enough

July 21, 2017 Editing Writing 0

Every great writer needs an experienced editor.

All great writers need an editing service.

All writers need a great editor.

Most great writers need their writing edited.

An editor can transform a good piece of writing into a great one.

Choosing a great editor can propel a writer from good to great.

Though each sentence above contains truth, each has its own shade of meaning. None of them may convey the meaning that the writer intended.

Sentence construction directs a reader’s interpretation of the words they read. Contextual cues offer guidance when the confusion arises, but if you write professionally, you know that an experienced editor can help you to flesh out your intended meaning when the words are getting in the way of the thoughts behind them. An editor can help improve your writing by examining context, organization and voice.